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  Product Features
Nylon (PA11, PA12) Hose Features

1)   Light weight (1/2-1/3 lighter than rubber hose) long service life (7 times longer than the steel hose);

2)   Good abrasion resistance (10 times higher than the rubber hose);

3)   Small ratio between outer diameter and inner diameter (more than one hoses can be installed in narrow space);

4)   Electric insulation (electric leakage<50UA at 375KV);

5)   No vibration noise;

6)   Easy mounting and installation;

7)   Good resistance against corrosion, oil, alkali, eradicator, grease, alcohol , inorganic alcohol and hydrocarbon chemicals;

8)   Good low temperature impact performance, yield fatigue resistance, abrasion      resistance, hydrolysis resistance, boiling water resistance, good flexibility at -40-120.

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