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TPV Hose Features

TPV, also called thermoplastic rubber, is one kind of material that has the features of the rubber and the thermoplastic plastic as well. It has unique physical and chemical properties, such as skid resistance, shock resistance, impact resistance, good elasticity, good appearance, soft texture, adjustable luster, weather resistance, good chemical performance, good working performance at low temperature, and low brittle point.

Physical features: good appearance and soft texture, easy-to-dye performance, uniform and stable color. The adjustable physical features provide wide product design possibility;

Mechanical features: wide hardness, adjustable SHORE-AO to SHORE-D 70; good stretching resistance, tensile strength up to dozens of Mpa, elongation at break up to above 10 times, long-term temperature resistance up to 70, good performance in low temperature environment, good winding performance at -60, good electric insulation, voltage feature resistance, good skid resistance, abrasion resistance and weather resistance.

Chemical features: good resistance against general chemicals, no toxicity, good ultraviolet radiation resistance and oxidation resistance. It can be used in outdoor environment.

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