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TPE TPEE Hose Features

TPE TPEE has the rubber’s elasticity and the engineering plastic’s strength. Compared with rubber, it has better processing performance and longer service life. The soft segment gives it elasticity like rubber. The hard segment gives it processing performance like plastic. Compared with engineering plastic, it has the same feature of high strength, better flexibility and dynamic mechanical property.  

TPEE features high strength, high elasticity, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, dynamic mechanical property etc. Its working temperature ranges wide as -50~+180 and hardness 30-75D. It has good creep resistance, elastic resilience, impact and bending fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance and stable size. It has good flexibility even at low temperature and good performance at high temperature as well. Additionally, it can also resist corrosion of many industrial chemicals, oils and solvents.

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