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  Product Features
TPU Hose Features

TPU hose has many good features like rubber and plastic as well:

1)  Good abrasion resistance: Its Taber abrasion value is 0.35-0.5mg, the minimum among the plastics. Frication can be reduced by adding lubricant, so as to further improve the abrasion resistance;

2)  Tensile strength and elongation: TPU’s tensile strength is 2-3 times of that of the natural rubber and synthetic rubber. TPU TPE’s tensile strength is higher than 60Mpa and its elongation is 410%. TPU’s tensile strength is 50Mpa and its elongation is 550%;

3)  Oil resistance: TPU’s oil resistance is better than that of the nitrile butadiene rubber. It has good oil resistant life;

4)  Low temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance: TPU’s weather resistance is better than that of the natural rubber and other synthetic rubber. Its resistance against ozone and radiation has special purpose in the aerospace industry;

5)   Food/Medical/Health-care: TPU has biocompatibility and anticoagulant property, Medical TPU has more and more wide applications such as blood transfusion hose, urine transfusion hose and perfusion hose. TPU doesn’t contain intensifier. Nontoxic or odorless, it is widely used in the food industry;

6)   Hardness: TPU’s hardness is 10A-80D. Below 15A, it has the similar deformation feature. Above 85A, it still keeps good elasticity. This feature doesn’t exist in other elastomer. Therefore, TPU has high load supporting capability and good pumping effect;

7)   TPU hose includes TPU TPE hose, TPU PEUR hose and TPU PCL hose:

i TPU TPE Hose Features

TPU TPE hose: high mechanical temperature, good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, fuel resistance, solvent resistance, high temperature performance and good ultraviolet resistance and hydrolysis stability. For those applications with the above requirements, it is suggested to use TPU TPE series hose;

ii TPU PEUR Hose Features:

For those applications with requirements on low temperature flexibility, good weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance and bacteria resistance, it is suggested to use TPU PEUR series hose;

iii TPU PCL Hose Features

It has both TPU TPE’s mechanical strength and high temperature performance and TPU PEUR’s hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance. With good elastic resilience, it is applicable to the application in special industries.

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